Zvornik Lake

Zvornik Lake is an artificial lake on the Drina River, at the border that extends the old stream of the river, between the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Zvornik lake has an area of ​​about 8.1 square kilometers (1,300 acres), the volume of 90 million m³ of water a deep to 39 meters. The average depth of the lake is 5 to 8 meters. The lake is about 25 km, minimum width of 200 meters and the width of about 3 km. Zvornik Lake is located at 140 meters above sea level. The lake Drina canyon extends upstream from Zvornik and Mali Zvornik, to the mouth of the small river Great River in the village of Mali Zvornik. Since 1955, when the accumulation occurred, 50% of the basin is flooded sediments erosion from torrential streams and rivers that flow into the lake (Drinjača, Jošanica, Great River, Boranjska River). Numerous layers and erosion have created a larger or smaller islands and peninsulas.

This artificial lake was created by construction of the hydro power plant “Zvornik”, which began in 1948 to the lake pool was filled with water in 1955. The dam height is 45 meters. Zvornik Lake is the first artificial lake on the river Drina.
Along the coast of the lake there are a number of weekend houses and tourist restaurants. The lake is ideal for holidays, sports and recreational activities on the water and fishing. Zvornik lake is perfect for rafting, rafting, boating and swimming.