Drina river

River Drina (346 km) belongs to the Black Sea basin, and is created by merging rivers Tara and Piva at Scepan Polje (altitude 470 m). The catchment area includes the south-western and western part of Serbia, the northern part of Montenegro and the eastern part of the Republic of Serbian. The direction of its flow from south to north and has a lot of tributaries. Larger tributaries on the left are: Sutjeska, Bistrica, catapult, Drinjača and Janja, and on the right: Ćehotina, Lim, Rzav, Ljubovija and Jadar. Drina is the largest tributary of the Sava River into which it flows near Sremska Raca (81 m). The most beautiful and longest (24 km) from the canyon to Klotijevca Zepa. The width of the river is 15 m at a place called Tight up to 200 m with Perucac and Zvornik. Major cities Drina flows are: Foča (400 m), Goražde (345 m), Višegrad (300 m), burst as (260 m) and Han (140 m). Wild Force Drina is tamed by dams and lakes (Visegrad, Perucac, Zvornik), which has been disrupted but not destroyed the beauty of the canyon Drina