Gučevo is a mountain located north of wrinkling and in an area that Drina arched closed from the west and northwest. The highest point is located at 779m above sea level and is called Black top and is one of the lower Podrinje-Valjevo Mountains. Extends from northwest to southeast, a distance of about 10 kiliometara. The southeast portion is called Kulište and consists of Paleozoic škriljica, through which they are deposited Triassic limestone with deposits of antimony. Northwestern part consists of sandstone and conglomerate through which lie kretacejski limestone to the vertices. This theme is wavy due to limestone substrate skrašćeno. Many streams with Gucevo swell towards the river and Jadar Drini that breaks its sides, especially drinske, which are steep and riven deep pits. On the north and northwest by hand, it has also seized longitudinal faults due to which they were also steep. On it emerge thermo-mineral springs spas Koviljača. The black top as the highest point of the mountain, located on the northwest end of its above Koviljaca and not far from Loznica. The very top without springs and streams because it is composed of limestone. Although limestone composition that is covered with dense beech forest which closes aspect. Near the top of the Black erected a monument and ossuary Serbian and Austro-Hungarian warriors disappeared in this area in 1914 in the First World War. Near to the monument on the north side and at a height of 550 meters, was built in a mountain lodge and tourist-catering facility, which is also the biggest mountain house in Serbia. Is close to it in the amount of up to 500 meters, in a plateau elevate a motor camp with a restaurant and campers. From monuments to the mountain hut and to the auto-camp are arranged pedestrian paths.