The need to work in a dry working field without affecting saliva has been recognized for centuries, and the idea of using rubber isolation tooth is over 150 years old.
Cofferdam simplest way we can explain that this is a tire that is placed on the teeth, and thus protects both the patient and the therapist, and serves to create a safe working environment.
Cofferdam used in conservative dentistry, endodontics, and for cementation of inlays, onlays and veneers.
Benefits of rubber dam are:
1. ensure absolutely dry and clean operating field,
2 facilitates the use of strong disinfecting solution in the course of the treatment of the root canal of the root,
3. protects patients from aspiration and inhalation of endodontic instruments,
4. protects the gums, cheeks, lips and tongue from injury,
5. ensures better transparency and easier access for intervention.
6. The patient is more comfortable because they feel that their mouths are ‘attacked’ by the hands of dentists, fluids, instruments.
7.  Shortens the duration of intervention and number of visits

Frequently asked questions regarding patient preferences cofferdams are: ‘Is the setting a painful and long-term?’ And ‘Will I be able to breathe and to swallow?’ Item rubber dam is not painful, because most of the interventions are working under local anesthesia. This period while waiting for the anesthetic effect can be utilized for setting a rubber dam. Depending on the severity of the case, the setting of a rubber dam may take from one minute to two or three. Their manual dexterity and the therapist leads to placing the rubber dam very quickly. As for breathing and swallowing, patients can swallow, a teaching assistant from time to time may use suction. Airways are free, because rubber does not close the entire area of ​​the lips, so the patient can breathe on the nose and the mouth. In a conversation with patients after they present the advantages of using a rubber dam, agree that intervention is carried out under the same. After completing their experiences were positive, from being relaxed, that they are more comfortable, to feel safer and definitely want to be working again with a cofferdam.